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Stroke Care

Stroke is the leading cause of acquired disability in the world. It causes changes in ability to move, judgment, emotions, perception, memory, and neglect in the affected side of the body. Taking care of the Abby Senior Care is a stroke care provider.elderly at home after the person has had a stroke requires planning and organization.

Consider the following when making plans care for someone at home who has had a stroke:

  • Need a safe and structured environment.
  • Your physical and emotional health is as important as that of the person you are caring for. If you are not physically able to care for someone or you have health problems that make caregiving difficult, consider getting the help of a professional caregiver from a state licensed home care agency.

You have a choice of caring for your loved one at home or moving them in a nursing home or other long-term care facility. Reviewing these points will help you determine if home care is right for you.

Reasons to consider moving your loved one in a nursing home:

  • A nursing home is a safer place than where your loved one lives now
  • Your loved one has several medical problems requiring daily skilled medical treatment

Reasons to consider keeping your loved one at home:

  • Worry your loved one will decline rapidly in a nursing home (it's a public place)
  • Loved one will not get individual attention at a nursing home
  • Less control over the care your loved one receives in a nursing home
  • Guilty feelings about sending someone away from their home

After a stroke efforts should be focused on rehabilitation and avoiding another stroke. Starting a rehabilitation program as soon as possible increases the chances of recovering some of the abilities impacted. It is not possible to predict how much physical ability can be regained. The more ability regained immediately after a stroke, the more independent a senior is likely to be when discharged from the hospital.

Professional caregivers and CNAs (certified nursing assistants) at Abby Senior Care can support your loved one through all phases of their recovery with personal care and rehab encouragement. Find out how we can customize a home care plan to your specific needs, call 303-699-8840 for a no obligation, free home visit evaluation by one of our dedicated Case Managers.

You should know
After a stroke:
  • Seniors usually show the greatest progress in walking during the first 6 weeks. Most recovery occurs within the first 3 months, but may continue slowly over 3 years.
  • Speech (called aphasia), balance, and skills needed for day-to-day living return more slowly and may continue to improve for up to a year.
  • About half of seniors who suffer a stroke have problems with coordination, communication, judgment, or behavior that affect their daily activities and personal relationships.