Abby Senior Care
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Abby Senior Care

In the office, I communicate with Donna 99% of the time and this has always been great.
— Wayne

Shannon is great, we couldn't get along without her.
— Linda

You guys give it 110%, you work hard to give the best and we appreciate it. Thank you so much.
— Blu's Family

Overall very satisfied.
— Conrad

Gordon thinks the world of Kim. She is good about staying in touch if she noitices any change in his behavior or mood. He looks forward to her visits.
— LeAnn

Both caregivers have an excellent attitude – they always want to please.
— Judith

The staff and caregivers are always concerning, helpful and customer oriented; Fran is a genuinely caring person. My mom enjoys her company.Thank you.
— Barbara

Such a great experience! So efficient in all areas. Very well run, care givers are wonderful, billing is so efficient and worry free. Thank you so much.
— Vicky

Stacy is an excellent care-giver. We look foreard to her visits. She gives above and beyond.
— Betti-Lou

ASC is excellent! Amanda is "top notch", very happy with all her dedication.
— Mary

Stacy is an excellent caregiver. We look forward to her visits. She gives above and beyond!
— Betti Lou

Amanda is "top notch" very happy with all her dedication
— Mary

I am very pleased with all the services offered by Abby Senior Care – no complaints at all. Rose is great – the office staff is excellent – keep up the good work.
— Judith

They are more successful in getting Marvel to take her medicine than I am. They won't take no for an answer but don't push beyond Marvels concurrence.
— Kenneth

Venita is an excellent caregiver for mom and we are very happy with her level of attention. She has also been helpful with cooking as requested. An area of improvement might be helping with light housekeeping occasionally, like emptying the dishwasher or sweeping the kitchen/breakfast nook.
— Laura

Thanks! we love Rita!
— Barbara

Fran's dedication to my dad is very touching.

Brittany is happy and is a good mood everyday she comes to help me. Thanks you for your services. You have always coordinated and considered my needs.
— Beverly

I am grateful for your services. Tammy has been a terrific helper. She is caring, attentive and reliable. She fits into our routine and I think of her as a vital part of our family support.
— Patricia

Doing a good job, what else can I say.
— Dorothy

Thanks for all the accommodations that you made for our family. We really appreciate your care services.
— Linda

I have been very pleased with Sarah and Elizabeth. Keep up the good work!
— Don

I've always enjoyed the services at Abby. My mom really enjoys Stacy! Mom has enjoyed especially 3 other staff members no longer with you as well. I know it is the nature of the business. Stacy and the others are engaging and my mom enjoys this. They help not only with daily tasks but they engage her in games and conversation which is great – instead of just watching TV. This is very helpful for my mom.

I will recommend Abby Care to any of my elderly friends who need home care. I may need yours myself for other duties someday. Veanita get me to appointments on time.
— Ruth

Could not be better.
— Val


I have recommended you to several friends, it was great having your service.
— Sue

I was very pleased with your service. I needed help with a ride home after having a colonoscopy. I will call again whenever I need help.
— Patricia

My father certainly enjoys having Kim around. She is very good at recognizing his daily needs. She consistently writes notes to keep me updated on Dad's daily activities. She shows care and concern for Dad's well being. Kim is truly a treasure.
— Lisa

The month of October I have been in transition. The household tasks do not apply at this time. I have been pleased with Abby Senior Care adjusting the schedule for doctor appointments.
— Carolyn

I am very pleased with Sarah, she is very cooperative and really helps me a lot.
— Selma

Morgan is conscientious. She anticipates needs and is quick to respond. It's a pleasure to have Morgan as a caregiver.
— Don

I have received only top-notch care! She anticipates a need - sometimes even I don't see it. She is a great help in every way and I enjoy her being with me! We love her kind and most helpful personality.
— Eleanor

We are delighted to have Mellissa at the home. She is excellent for Bill. They are both history and sports fans. She is going to be God Mother for our new puppy. P.S Dona is great she helps me with the account.
— Jane

I want to convey our utmost pleasure in having Nicole arrive on time every Tuesday and Thursday. She always has a smile on her face and in her voice.
— Pat

We Love Kelly!
— Jacqueline

Both girls are a big help and I enjoy their being here.
— Gwen

Tamara taught me how to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair, from the chair to the toilet and bath bench and from the chair to the car and back. Because of her, I have been able to return to teaching which my goal was when Tamara first came to help me.
— Alexandra

Stephanie's cheerful demeanor is a joy to have her in my home. She is able to cheer Jim up when he is in a bad mood. I only hope she will always be with us.
— Helen

Mom loves Christina! She has commented on how much she enjoys the food that Christina cooks. I have also appreciated communication w/Christina when she feels mom is experiencing any unusual problems
— Jan

We, Dewaine and I, look forward to each visit.
— Bettilou

Very good organization with excellent dependable CNA's.
— Robert

I have the best!! Thank you.
— Hilda

We couldn't be happier with the excellent services we have had with Chelsea as the main caregiver and the other CNA's that have helped us. We know that without the aid we get we could not keep living in our home. Plus it keeps my sanity! Thanks
— Richard

We have been quite satisfied. Every person has been most helpful and we have been very grateful for their service and their friendships. Thank you!
— Eleanor

I see what you mean about Nea, he is an angel on earth. What a wonderful man and a blessing to my mom and dad!
— Diane

If there is a word above excellent, then Jen should have it on the record. Flo was right, Abby is the best.
— Bob

Could not exist without these two
— Val

Helen and I were very happy with your care.
— John